Offical Co-Workers and the Cold Week

I hope I haven’t overloaded you guys with “Todd-ness” these last few posts! What can I say? I’m glad he’s back in time for the Holidays (if you recall, he was gone October through December last year.) Todd took the week after he got back from Taiwan off as vacation, so our official first day as co-workers was Monday… and it was AWESOME! He has a bit more flexible schedule than me, so we got to work at different times. Once I got in, he came over to my desk to welcome me to the company and check out my […]

Soooooo It’s Been a Week Since I Posted…

WORKOUTS Thursday: Rest Friday: 2 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:45 pace on treadmill Sunday: Rest Monday: Body Pump Tuesday: 4 miles @ 8:45 on treadmill/ Pilates Wednesday: 4 miles @ 8:36 pace on trail ****** Let’s catch up, shall we? Last week, we were listening to Grooveshark at home and an old Taylor Swift song came on from her Speak Now CD. I love T. Swift and have been to two of her concerts, which are more like shows if you ask me. Anyways, I’ve been rockin out to that CD in […]

70 Mile Weeks are Getting to Me

WORKOUT Wednesday: 4 easy + 3 @ 6:50 + 4 easy + 3 @ 6:50 + 2 easy= 16 on trail Recap below. Thursday: 6 miles @ 8:28 on treadmill/ Body Pump My legs were definitely a little sore. During BP I didn’t do any of the leg sections… I don’t need to be any more sore than I already am! ****** Before I recap my run, I heard on exciting news today… The FDA is looking to BAN the use of Trans Fats! Woot woot! Check out a write up about HERE in the New York Times. I know […]

Stood Up, Fun Friday and a FeMale Model

WORKOUT Friday: 14 miles @ 8:13 pace on trail This run was perfect. Due to the cooler weather, I was able to sleep in a bit and started at 8am. This was my first run in temps below 65 and it felt amazing. To top if off, I got to run a little over a mile with my sister 🙂 Awesomeness. Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:26 on treadmill/ abs video x 2, weights at home Nice and easy recovery run, followed by some at home gym time. ****** Ever make “loose” plans with someone to hang out in a week […]

New Shoes and a New Toy for Ry

WORKOUT Thursday: 6 miles @ 8:25 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump A nice shake out run from Wednesday’s 16 mile speed work. Everything was a little sore, but felt good after a mile or so, as usual. BP was a tad harder than normal since I hadn’t been to class in almost a week because of work. Felt good. Friday: 10 miles @ 8:04 pace on trail Recap below. ****** Fall is FINALLY hitting Tampa Bay… for now at least. This weeks low temperatures have been around 68 and the humidity in the morning is down to 80%. Nice. It’s […]

Half and Half

WORKOUT Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill/ abs video x 2 Sunday: Recap Below. ****** I decided to try something new during this run and do half outside and half on the treadmill. I know I need miles on my feet outside and to be able to push myself through tough workouts, but at the same time, I also want the confidence of hitting my paces. Per Todd’s suggestion, I planned to do the first set of speed outside and the second set on the treadmill. Before I let for my run, I set up everything in our […]

Bonefish Grill Pumpkin Ravioli

WORKOUT Monday: 4 miles @ 8:28 pace on treadmill/ Abs video Easy recovery run in Orlando. My legs were surprisingly not sore today. Must have been the massage Todd gave me Sunday night 🙂 Tuesday: 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump My run was blah. Hotel treadmill running is the pits. I had to miss pilates because I was in Orlando for work 🙁 BUT I went to a night BP class to make up for it. ****** Sunday after my annoying rainy, sunny run, I needed some cheering up… A cup of Cafe du Monde only […]

A Cool Front Came Through

WORKOUT Monday: 6 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump Everything felt the same. I wish I had more fun, positive updates on my glute, but nope. Tuesday: 8 miles @ 8:24 pace on treadmill/ Pilates I had to move some of my runs around this week and I REALLY didn’t want to miss pilates or have to rush in the morning, so I got my 8 miles in on the treadmill. It wasn’t too bad. We did some new moves in pilates today and I’m hoping my abs are sore tomorrow 🙂 ****** Let’s back track to my […]

Stupid, Stupid Heather

WORKOUT Tuesday: Rest/ Pilates Wednesday: Rest/ Daily Push-ups and core work I’m on day 3 of my “rest” week and I am growing restless! How did I ever get through 2 whole months when my knee was hurt?! ****** Sooooo, I think I know how I hurt my glute. Remember the below picture from THIS post? Ya, well, I think lifting my leg up and holding it there right after my run and try to take a picture is what did it. The things I do for you people. Ha. I know I will never really KNOW how I hurt […]

Six Ten Saturday

WORKOUT 14 miles @ 7:48 pace on trail Recap below 🙂 ****** I have become very fond of using alliteration in my posts titles lately, huh? Look what came in the mail yesterday 🙂 EEEE! Finally. I was so excited to bust it open and start playing with it! I’ll do a better review of it once I have used it more, but so far I am loving it. I customized the main screens to the things I use most: Screen 1- Distance/Average Pace, Screen 2- Distance/Current Pace, Screen 3- Lap Distance/Lap Pace. All I have to do is tap […]

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