This is going to be an Instagram inspired post… so if you follow me there (and you should šŸ˜‰ this may be redundant, #sorrynotsorry. #LikeABoss… When I run on the treadmill in the mornings, Kara and Todd stop in to say Hello. It absolutely makes my morning, especially when she walks in with that shirt and looks up at me like that. SO Glad Todd captured that moment. Had a pretty great run that morning, too #HisandHersDrinks… I haven’t had a full glass of wine (or any other alcoholic beverage) since BEFORE we started trying to have Kara, so were […]

Like A Boss

Wellllll Helllooooo There! Yes, yes I know… It has been forever since I posted. It honestly doesn’t feel like a month has passed, but it has. My apologizes. Life took over one again and blogging got put on the back burner. Get ready for picture overload. Here are some happenings to catch you up… Running has resumed and I am in my happy place! I’ve been running anywhere from 4-8 miles and plan on increasing my long run by one mile each week to ramp up for marathon training. Thaaaaaat’s right. I said marathon training. Not sure which one yet, […]

Kara's 1st Pool Trip

Thinking About How I Run Q&A

I’m thinking out loud this Thursday with a fun running quiz. We all know how much I like to talk about running and not that I’m back at it I can’t stop thinking about it <3 1. Would you rather run on a beach path or a mountain trail? This is tough. I’m going to have to say beach path. I’d rather hike a mountain trail so I can take time to soak in all the gorgeousness. 2. If you could choose the flavor of Gatorade at your next raceā€™s aid stations, what would it be? BLEH! I’d choose Nuun […]

Love (read- Gifts) Don’t Cost a Thang

By far, my favorite Christmas gift was the gift of running! I gave this to myself on Christmas Eve day, when I ran a mini workout of 1 mile warm up, 4 x .75m @ 7:30 pace w/.25 recovery and 1 mile cool down. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to make that 7:30 pace quicker, but I didn’t want to push it too much, since I was already breaking the rules. Then Christmas day, after making breakfast at The Children’s Home and opening presents at my parents, Todd dropped me off at the trail on our driveĀ home and I ran […]

Running, Kayaking, Friends

WORKOUTS Friday: 4 miles @ 8:45 pace on treadmill Sunday: 2 miles @ 8:45 on treadmill/ AB video Monday: 3.5 miles @ 8:45 on treadmill ****** Ya, that’s right. My “Workouts” section is back! It’ll probably be pretty boring for a while, but I’m happy to be running and think it’ll be cool to track my progress- which is basically starting from scratch now. Case in point, I tried to do one of my four miles on Friday at an 8:30 pace, and it felt like a pace runĀ (like I was running a 7:00 pace) so I just did a […]

Happy Sunday and Another Theory

WORKOUT 14 miles @ 7:53 pace on trail Recap below ****** A few weeks ago, my friend Marissa text me about doing our long run together today and of course my answer was YES! She lives in Orlando, but was in Tampa this weekend, and we don’t get to run together as much as I’d like, so I wanted to make the most of it! Our plan was to each leave our houses at 6AM, run to the trail and meet up whenever our paths crossed (about 2.5 miles into it.) Luckily for us, we both had to make a […]

Running Surfaces- Part II & a Date with Mom

WORKOUT Rest/ Weights & Ab Routine Hip Hip,Ā Ho-ray! My knee was NOT sore when I woke up this morning. Progress people. Lets hope this trendĀ continues. Upper body weights it was today. I worked those biceps good! ****** Happy Friday Folks! You made it another week I was lucky enough to spend the last day of spring break with mi madre. We have been trying to have a DLites date for the longest time and it finally came! My mom and I ALWAYS have something to talk about and the time flew by too quick. I love spending time with her […]