Weekly Workout

Happy Monday Folks! Last week was somewhat less hectic than others but, as usual, it flew by. How we are already in the middle of August just baffles me! Since I’m not training for anything, I figured I’d give you a little rundown of my runs during the week, with some “last week life” thrown in… Monday: I always take Monday as a rest day. Ever since I started running, I’d take the day after my long run off. Some people like to do a little shake out run, but for me, a complete day off works best. Plus, with work, it’s […]

My workouts were pretty lackluster last week. After running in the Gasparilla Half I knew my body needed rest and to take it easy, so that’s what I did 🙂 I noticed after my Tuesday run that my right foot was hurting a bit on the outer right side and underneath. Even when I just walked around the house. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been wearing sandals lately or possibly an overuse injury, or both. I did ramp up my mileage and speed pretty quickly, so I wouldn’t be surprised. The weather here is perfect right now, so my foot better […]

Before we get to the workouts, Kara wanted to wish everyone a Happy Belated Valentines Day <3 Monday: Body Pump. Kara didn’t let me finish class this time… I had to leave halfway through to feed her. Bummer. At least we had some fun afterwards. Tummy time for the win! Tuesday: .5m warm up/ .5m @ 7:30/ .5m rest/ .75m @ 7:30/ .5m rest/ 1m @ 7:30/ .5m rest/ 1.25m @ 7:30/ .5m cool down Did a semi speed workout on the treadmill. I know the rests (~9 min pace) are a little long. Maybe this week I’ll try this same run […]

I love that I have a weekly workout recap now 🙂 Makes my heart (and legs and lungs and body and mind) happy! Monday: Rest. And plenty of cuddle time with my girl. This was post melt down… hence the watery eyes. Tuesday: Body Pump. I put Kara in the nursery at the Y for the first time. I go to two YMCA’s and one of them is an Express Y, so it is smaller and the nursery literally looks into the class room. Like, there’s tinted glass you can see through from both sides. I told the lady that […]

Pregnancy: Weeks 21-24

It’s been another month! Let’s take a look at how my pregnancy’s going. Here are my previous updates: weeks 1-7, weeks 8-12, weeks 13-16, and weeks 17-20. We’ll start with a bump pic… Weight Gained: By 20 weeks I gained 11 lbs total. Wk 21= +0 lbs, Wk 22= +2 lbs, Wk 23= +1 lb, Wk 24= +0 lb. So by week 24 I gained 14 lbs total. Symptoms: I tend to over heat more easily. I’ve noticed I get much sweatier than normal in body pump. TMI- I also get constipated regularly and only poop (hey, everyone does it!) every few days. […]

Mac N Cheese 5k & Labor(less) Day Weekend

Happy Labor (hopefully labor less) Day weekend! My Saturday was a relaxing one. Started off with Body Pump and yard work and finished up with ice cream with my sister and baby shower invitation shopping. Which reminds me… I forgot to tell you guys about our (Kristin and I’s) evening of baseball and froyo last weekend… Look at that sky! Rich (Kris’s BF) had a game, so I picked up froyo on the way there for us to enjoy. Little did we know we’d also have a beautiful sky as a back drop 🙂 Sunday was the highlight for me. […]

Confessions and Weekly Recap

I love Brittany’s “Early Morning Confessions” posts and occasionally I steal her idea (best form of flattery ;), like today. I confess… *I am so pale. SO. PALE. Seriously, you’d think it was winter and I was stuck inside due to a month long snow storm. It’s bad. I notice it the most in Body Pump when I’m wearing shorts and a tank. I’m trying to actually look like a Floridian and laying out when I can. I love reading while laying out. Currently reading Orphan Train and I’m digging it. Like my Kara Goucher bookmark? *I had a comparison moment. A lady […]

It’s All About the Benjamin’s (and PB pie and my) Baby!

See what I did there… made that song to fit the stuff in this post 😉 So cheesy. There was another co-worker bday this week and she requested Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie from Village Inn. It was beyond good. I know it was full of horrible ingredients and tons of sugar, but it was worth it. Mmmm. You know how I forgot deodorant the morning I ran outside this week? Well, I made sure that would never happen again and I got a travel size one for my desk 🙂 Along with a fragrance free lotion. I have a few […]

Soooooo, These Things Happened…

HAPPY MONDAY ladies and gents! I am sick of the heat and rain, but I guess things could be worse. I actually don’t have a case of the Monday’s, so there’s another thing to be happy about. Let’s hope this week flies by and we’re enjoying the weekend again 🙂 I took another Saturday Body Pump class. My mom came and it was a good time. Again, I was rocking the Body Pump Bump (as Stephanie would call it 😉 It’s getting biiiiggggeerrrr. Always have my NUUN around when I’m working out to keep mom and baby hydrated. Speaking of getting […]

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