What a beautiful morning! (Picture taken in my neighborhood The most delicious, fudgey, rich, chocolate brownie. The. Best. Ever. Finally tried these- meh. Taste was OK, texture was pretty hard. Not sure if maybe this was old? Still loving all things Pumpkin Spice! I saw Sugar Runs post a photo on Instagram of Turmeric Oats and since I love oats so much, I decided to give it a try (with a few tweaks). I loved it! I stole Kara’s whole milk as the fat source, as that’s needed to help absorb the nutrients from the turmeric. I’m a NUUN Ambassador again! […]

Good Morning

I haven’t done a What I Ate Wednesday in a looooong time. Let me start off by saying that my “meals” while on maternity leave are quite different from my past WIAWs at work. No longer can I have my beloved yogurt parfaits, whey shakes, or froyo/ice cream dates. Yes, I now have 3 breakfasts… totally normal. Breastfeeding hunger is real and top that off with running and Body Pump, means this girls gotta eat! Pre-Breakfast: I typically nurse around 3-3:30AM. This means I get up, feed and burp Kara, change her diaper, then pump the other boob. This whole […]

Nut Butter Shots

WIAW: Last Work Lunch At Home

Welcome to What I Ate Wednesday! Brought to you by Jenn and Meghan. Breakfast was the typical Fage 2% (half frozen) and zoatmeal– 1/2 c oats, 1/3 c grated zucchini, 1/2 c water, microwaved for 5 min on 50% power, topped with coconut creamer to make it nice and, well, creamy! Morning snack consisted of a Cherry Pie Larabar. I think this is my favorite flavor. So far 😉 In the foreseeable future, I won’t being going home for lunch, so here is my last “at home” lunch for a while… A random hodgepodge of food. PB&J, left over green beans […]

WIAW: A Long Day

Welcome to this weeks What I Ate Wednesday, brought to you by The Big Man’s World and PeasAndCrayons. Today I’ll show you my Monday eats I have an afternoon appointment this week that falls at an awkward time. It’s late enough that it’s silly to go back to work after, but early enough that I still have to make up a decent amount of hours. That being said, I’m getting into work extra early this week and that makes for one loooooooooooong work day. Before work mini breakfast of all the watermelon. My dad used to always sing a song when […]

WIAW: Surprise Morning Snack

See what other people are eating at the WIAW Party! Onto my eats… Before work blueberries! I always seem to wake up a bit hungry. I need a little something to tide me over until I get into work and eat breakfast, and these little guys did the trick! Decaf Coffee baby! I’ve got to admit, the Starbucks Decaf Verona is pretty darn tasty. Fage 2% and zoatmeal (1/2 cup oats, 1/3 cup grated zucchini, 1 cup almond milk= microwaved for 5 min on 50% power) for the break of the fast. Mid-morning snack of hummingbird cake! It was a co-workers birthday and someone […]

What I Ate Wednesday

Before I start with the food party, I want to mention something that the lovely Jessie, from JessieLoves2Run, is doing. Her husband works with 5 men who have been affected by the earth quake in Nepal and she has started a GoFundMe page for those who’d like to donate to those men. The money will go directly to those families. Check out her post NEPAL EARTHQUAKE DISASTER RELIEF which includes a link for donation Now onto my eats. Thanks to Jenn for the link up! Coffee! Now that I only drink decaf, I had a Starbucks decaf K Cup in my super cool […]

WIAW: Mmmmm Food

Happy Hump Day ya’ll! Let’s celebrate with some yummy food. Thanks to Jenn for the party!! 6:45 AM= Same cottage cheese spoonfuls as last week. 7:30 AM= My morning protein Fage 2% mixed with pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice. 8 AM= Zoatmeal! 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/3ish cup grated zucchini, 1 cup water, vanilla extract. Cooked on 50% power for 5 1/2 min then finished off with TJ’s coconut creamer to make it nice and rich. 10:30 AM= Half an avocado.  Always a good choice. I usually keep this for the afternoon, but today I wanted it in the AM. 12 PM= Sometimes you just crave cheese and carbs. I had […]